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The Farm

About the farm

Springbakgaard (Spring Bank Farm) was built in 1777 and comprises 17ha.

14ha of which surrounds the farm house (as shown here) and the remaining 3ha are on an island in the fjord, which can be seen from the house.

Since 2008 Springbakgaard has been certified organic, the first production of organic deer meat being available for sale from summer 2009.

Red Deer

We have a herd of about 31 red deer.

Calves are born from the end of May till mid June.

The rut (which can be distinctly heard) is in October / November.

Ertebølle sheep 

We have 3-5 Danish rare breed ewes + their lambs in a paddock round the farm buildings.

They are our "bio-clip" lawnmowers.


We have 2 shetland ponies for riding and driving and 2 Icelandic horses that are stabled with us.


We have 4 cats (born in 2014) who are incredibly friendly, playful and good mousers. They are out-side cats and are therefore not allowed in our house or the B&B apartments.

Wildlife and Island Bird Reserve

2ha of woodland round the farm creats a good habitat for a wide range of danish wildlife, including foxes, roe and red deer and especially birds.

The island is a bird reserve and is home to the most northerly popluation of spoonbills.

Springbakgaard has received Organic land subsidies to drive the farm's agricultural areas organically.
The purpose of the grant is to increase the organic area in Denmark for the benefit of the environment and biodiversity.

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:Denmark and Europe invest in rural areas